Master of Food Systems: Path Advisory

With 6 universities offering the international Master programme "Food Systems" in 2019, there are 18 distinct path combinations that you can select from. This page offers guidance for finding your "perfect path".

  • Consider first where you want to start and end your journey: the university where you spend your first semester will also be the one where you finish your studies with the Master thesis, and it will be the institution granting your degree; the focus of this institution (technical/production, consumer/nutrition or business/management) should fit your area of interest and expertise.
  • Each institution offers three path combinations, partnering up with different universities to offer a unique set of topics in relation to the food system for each path. Combine different topics to find the path that suits you best!

EIT Food ivzw, Ubicenter A Philipssite 5, 3001 Heverlee (Leuven), Belgium