Alumni 2018

PhD Students who participated in the The Global Food Venture Programme 2018 presented their ideas during the 1-day conference in Paris on November, 28th 2018.


Let's have an overview of their ideas.

Overview of the GFV 2018 Business ideas


60% of processed food is wasted, but this waste has a commercial value.




An optimised aquaponics system for hotels to respond the needs of sustainability-oriented tourism.


Cost-saving, nutrients run-off minimising biofertilizers based on algae.


Future bioplastics will

let us save money and abandon oil-based plastics.

Canguru Foods:

TheUrban Food Box

AI integrated vertical farming for a more sustainable way of life.


A Biofertilizer based on

stress tolerant bacteria

to have more crop yield.

Food Safety Web Platform

A Food safety and waste prevention oriented platform for consumers.


A insect-based flour for the bakery industry for a nutrient-rich diet.

Leaves of Canaan

A natural Jerusalem beverage which production creates economic indipendence for Arab women. 


A 100% natural and concentrated isotonic drink.


A fertile/infertile and male&female eggs identifying technology that prevent waste and male-chicks culling creating profits. 

PLEmil-y for family

A healthier and cheaper product

to meet the Lactose Intolerance needs, made from strains isolated from apples.


Nutrition recommendations and personalized fiber suggestion based on the customer's Microbioma analysis.

Power of 2

A Cargo consolidation platform to find optimal matching and routs in food logistics.

Seaweeds Superfoods

A 100% natural, vegan, Omega 3 rich nutrient for a healthier



Selective adsorbents for the valorisation of waste from food manufacturing.


A public health tool to analyse the risk profile for diseases: a predict/prevent use of social media.


An automated retail pricing system to icrease sales and reduce food waste.


A nutrition app to control Type 2 Diabetes and maintain the right weight in the long-term.


A innovative software to reduce energy consumption and expand crops in indoor vertical farming.

Feedbacks from the participants

Partner universities

EIT Food ivzw, Ubicenter A Philipssite 5, 3001 Heverlee (Leuven), Belgium