TU Munich 2018

On June 2018 the PhD students of the Global Food Venture Programme participated in the first step of their journey, starting with this intense bootcamp.

EIT Food held the first session in EIT Food Global Food Venture Programme for doctoral students, supporting commercialisation of scientific ideas. Doctoral students began the programme pitching at Technische Universität München.


During the bootcamp, training sessions were aimed at orientating them during activities of team building and experiential learning.

Opportunities for interaction with established companies of the sector completed the programme.


Doctoral students were given the basis to further develop their StartUps and turn their ideas into real projects in the following stages to come: the innovation ecosystems of Israel and United States.


They also benefited from dedicated mentoring provided by project partners including University of Warsaw. 

Overview of the bootcamp by TU Munich 2018

On Friday, 22.6.2018, the students of the Programme had an eye-opening visit to Baywa/Agricultural Innovation Lab GmbH. During this visit, which represented the peak of the Bootcamp, they attended several presentations of the host.


They became the leads of the final session, when all the participants were asked to briefly pitch their ideas in front of the StartUp experts from the Lab, experienced in selecting and supporting Agri-Food StartUps.

Insight into Agricultural Innovation Lab

Partner universities

EIT Food ivzw, Ubicenter A Philipssite 5, 3001 Heverlee (Leuven), Belgium