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The call is open for applications coming from the private sector can be still accepted 'till the 11th of March 2019 (midnight). 

To whom

Do you have an innovative idea that may impact the Food system and now you need to develop new skills, strengthen your network, build/train your pioneering team and turn your idea into reality?


Then the EIT Food Innovator Fellowship fits you.


Applications coming from the private sector can be still accepted till the 11th of March 2019 (midnight). You can fill in the Application Form below.


To prepare your application accordingly to your daily commitments, see how to use the Application Form Template Word file below.


If you're looking for further information, you can consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions. 
If you don't find the answer you're looking for there, you  can send us an email. We'll be glad to reply promptly.


We care about your privacy. 

This site and this form are GDPR compliant: your information will be gathered, stored and treated according to EU GDPR (EU Regulation 2016/679). 

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How will participants be selected? Which are the criteria?

These are key-questions and we want to answer properly.

At the application stage you will be asked to provide only information we consider essential to receive and thoroughly assess your application. Your idea will be evaluated according to three criteriaexcellenceimpact, and collaborative links.

Let's see them in details. 


That's the starting point, the essence of your idea: you'll be asked to describe the quality and credibility of your innovation action, the level of novelty and the appropriate consideration of inter/multidisciplinarity. Ask yourself which are the specific objectives of your idea, and, while describing them, stress the relevance of your innovation idea including its potential for scientific breakthroughs in relation to the "state of the art".



We're interested in this: your idea's contribution to enhance innovation potential of the Food System and to surmount hindrances in the food chain “from farm to fork”. Explain how your idea will impact the Food System as a whole, and how it will enhance innovation capacity and integration of new knowledge or any other environmental and socially important interrelated impacts.

Collaborative links

A real pivot in your submission: you'll tell us what type of collaborative links are essential to develop your innovation idea. Imagine your "dream team" and let us know which complementary and/or synergistic aspects and skills would increase the chance of your idea to become real.

The application form

Fill out my online form.

What to do if you need more time to fill in the application form

If you feel like applying, we'll be glad to give you hints about how to proceed.

The call will close on the 15th of February at 24:00: during this period the online application form will be available in this page: you can fill in and select "Apply now", and your application will be complete.

On the other hand, we know that time can be a burden in your everyday research and innovation activities. This is why we propose a comfortable way to fill in the application form according to your daily commitments. 

Hence, we suggest downloading the application-form template today and start working on it. Many fields have a maximum number of words you cannot exceed: you'll have the time to formulate your narratives according to these limitations.


Take your time, and fill in the Word file carefully in a plain, clear English. Review it until you're satisfied with it. When your application is ready, come back to this page, and fill in the online form with an easy copy-and-paste procedure, and make your application ready for submission!


Don't forget to prepare also a 2-minute video that tells a little story about who you are and your motivations to apply: in the online form you'll be encouraged to upload it, with a maximum size of 25MB: it means the best resolution for your video shouldn't exceed the 360p.

Application Form - Template
Download this file to have an overview of the Application Form and to describe your idea in advance!
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Partner organizations

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