Foodathon, a three-day Food Hackathon

Join the teams of innovators that will revolutionize the Food system

22nd, 23rd and 24th of March 2019

50 talented Postdocs will be placed in a challenging setting, where newly created teams will have 48 hours to shape and develop innovative ideas and have a fully-working proposal to pitch in front of an expert panel.

Imagine a Hackathon where 50 researchers of the Food system are called to develop their ideas and turn them into viable and sustainable projects. These Postdocs will work in teams, and they will have to take an idea from concept to market, supported by one-to-one mentoring.


The Foodathon will be an immersive, competitive, and stimulating experience. During the Foodathon researchers will be able to boost and diversify their career path, creating new networks and improving their competences/skills.


The Food system is rich in researchers with brilliant ideas that may make the difference: that's why the Foodathon is a great chance to learn how to develop a potentially disruptive idea, be it a rough sketch or an articulated plan, and formulate a viable, sustainable team project ready to hit the market.


Many researchers may not have a (complete) team: this is a further reason why the Foodathon is the place to be! Newly created teams will be the innovative unit of the Programme. After the selection stage, new teams with an optimized skills repertoire will be consolidated: skills and competencies with those of the other selected participants will be matched so to co-create teams that are optimized to reach their goals and bring innovative ideas a step further. 

Are you a talented researcher, willing to impact the Food system? Apply and be an innovator, be an active part of the new generation of  “researchpreneurs” in the Food system.


That's the spirit of our Foodathon, an intense, immersive hackathon focusing on the food sector's challenges.

The call is closed. 

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