Winning Teams 2019

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Food waste based instant and dairy-free probiotic

Abstract: Using a zero-waste approach this idea aims to valorise breweries main side streams [breweries spent grain (BSG)] by producing a dairy-free probiotic alternative. The project will thus result in a reduction in food waste while also contributing to promote wellbeing. This is ensured by bringing a novel non-dairy probiotic product to the market which is convenient to use and sensory highly acceptable making probiotic products available for a larger consumer group.

Saioa Alvarez Sabatel - AZTI Tecnalia

Line Mielby - Aarthus University

Carmen Rodica Pop - USAMVCN

Coldea Teodora Emilia - USAMVCN


The power of fresh algae

Abstract: Omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential constituents of a healthy human diet, originate from algae. AL-FRESH, allows you to conveniently grow your own algae at home, giving unlimited accessibility to freshly produced algae, to cover the nutritional needs of consumers in fatty acids and other healthy nutrients, while remaining environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost-efficient. The AL-FRESH experience is promised to be tasteful, diverse and easy to implement, covering for different preferences among consumers.

Niki Alexi - Aarthus University

Leire Arantzamendi - AZTI Tecnalia

Giorgi Chezhia - IAMO Leibnitz

Mathias Stier - Universitaet Stuttgart


AgroGrIN Tech – Sustainable solutions for a sustainable world

Abstract: AgroGrIN Tech is an RR&D venture idea that implements inside of the costumer facilities sustainable processes coupled with patented technology, for fruit by-products valorization. The sustainable process allows the separation of natural ingredients through a totally integrated valorization, achieving the ZERO residue.

Débora Campos - Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Ezequiel Ricardo Coscueta - Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Pedro João Neves Miranda de Castro - Universidade Católica Portuguesa



Abstract: Our idea is to develop data-driven biotechnological approaches for valorising food waste by utilizing the technological advancements in smartphone-based spectrometers and Internet of Things that can be used for breaking down food waste into bits and bytes.

Andreas Kamilaris - IRTA Cat

Andreas Kartakoullis - University of Cyprus

Abhishek Kumar - Global Challenges Forum Foundation


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