Technical skills training for innovators in product manufacturing

Frozen products such as ice cream mostly rely on traditional industrial processes. Manufacturing of frozen goods is energetically demanding and there is a constant search for innovation. One such novel process was developed at the ETH Food Processing Laboratory within the Low Temperature Extrusion process (LTE). The LTE combines a conventional freezer with a co-rotating extruder resulting in smaller energy costs due to the better heat transfer rates in comparison to conventional freeze-hardening process. The Low Capital Expenditure Process (LCT) aims at further lowering the operational costs and the initial capital costs for the machinery. The LCT represents a high risk high gain project with the goal of developing and optimizing a new approach for rapid and robust freezing technology applicable worldwide across various fields.


This course will train technicians in the skills and technology of the Low Temperature Extrusion process to enhance the potential for professionals to innovate and mobilise emerging technologies to achieve radical innovation.

EIT Food ivzw, Ubicenter A Philipssite 5, 3001 Heverlee (Leuven), Belgium